The risk of having sex in the shower

I never thought that I would end up having sex in the shower. Before I met Phil, sex in the shower had not really turned me on. The difference was that Phil had such a sexy body that I could not stop looking at him. Often when I finished for the night at London escorts, he was the first thing on my mind, and more than often than not, I ended up taking a cab from my London escorts boudoir directly to his place.
Sexy Phil often greeted me at the door. It was clear that he had often come straight from the
shower and it used to turn me on like mad after my long night at London escorts. He smelt so
good and I that slightly wet look could drive me mad. The thought of seeing him shower or even
joining him in the shower was more than overwhelming. I normally had a shower before I left
charlotte action escorts, but I may have to sacrifice that shower for a shower with Phil one day.
That weekend was my weekend off from London escorts. Normally I would go to seem my
mom, but on this occasion, I had this image of a hot and wet Phil on the brain. Although I
wanted to spend some time with my mom, I knew that Phil was off from his job as well and this
would be the perfect opportunity to take that special shower with him. I even told a couple of the
girls at London escorts what I was planning.
Phil asked me what I wanted to do on my weekend off from London escorts and I gave him that
sort of look that we charlotte action escorts are very good. I told him I wanted to check out his new wet room and would not take no for an answer. His smile said it all, and he whispered that he
would be delighted to introduce me to the pleasure of his wetroom. Before I knew it, I was in his
arms on the way to that very special wetroom.
The shower felt warm and as the mist started to form in the bathroom, I got my special massage
oil out. I wanted to explore every part of this very special wet experience so I had something
special to tell the girls at charlotte action escorts. However, as I started to rub down Phil, I lost my
footing, fell against the seat in the shower and I thought that I heard my back snap. Phil told me
not to move, and he went to call an ambulance. After about an hour at the hospital, it soon
became clear that I had been very lucky not to break my back, and I decided that I would have
to refrain from wetroom weekends in the future. I was clearly not meant to be Phil’s wetroom
girl. Sticking to the comfort of his large double bed may be a lot safer for me in the future, and
as I left A and E, I counted my blessings.

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